5 Easy Steps to Guided Imagery Meditation


With most things in life, having a guide — particularly at the beginning — makes it easier to master.

Learning this process to gain the full benefit of this glorious gift is also easier when you have some help. That’s what guided imagery meditation and visualization is all about. It’s like having a qualified guide or coach to take you through the process, anytime you want.

Here are 5 easy steps to guided imagery meditation and visualization:

1. Get into a comfortable and relaxed state. That’s the first and most important step to guided imagery meditation and visualization.

You’ve got to be relaxed to make meditation work and the more relaxed you are — the better. Allow your entire body to go limp. Simply release any tension as you relax your muscles. Start at the top of your head and work your way down your body, consciously relaxing every area and letting all tension fall away.

2. Calm the mind. It is possible to relax physically and still have your mind running at warp speed. But the state you want to achieve through your guided imagery meditation is the exact opposite. You need to free yourself from the continuous and random flow of thoughts.

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The first time you try this, you’ll find your mind jumping from one thought to the next, without any reason or logic. It simply isn’t used to letting go and feeds on thought, whatever the nature. But freeing yourself of the internal dialogue is crucial for meditation and visualization.

3. Focus on your breathing. Take long, slow, deep breaths. Don’t strain though. Keep it easy and peaceful. Relax more and more each breath. By concentrating on your breathing, you help to control your mind’s tendency to think about other things. Focusing on your breathing alone occupies the mind while relaxing the body, which is ideal for our purpose.

4. Attain a meditative state of mind and body. Allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper into a more calming and peaceful place. This is your target destination — to find profound peace of mind and comforting tranquility where you are connected to Spirit and where no resistance exists. Once you’ve found it, you’ll know you’ve discovered heaven on earth.

5. Now that you’ve attained this wonderful state of complete relaxation, simply project images of what you want to accomplish on the screen of your mind. With guided imagery meditation and visualization, all you have to do is follow along. As the images are painted for you, simply add whatever elements of detail you like. This makes it your own — your unique creation unlike any other.

Choose something specific and be definite about your ability to manifest it. Involve as many of the senses as you can. Feel at one with your desire now. Do this and you will have applied the secret of guided imagery meditation and visualization to manifest what you want.

“Guided” means that your led every step of the way. It simplifies the process and shortens the learning curve. Simply choose a recorded CD that fits a desire of yours. And then follow the narrator’s voice as you are gently guided through the entire process.

Source by Art Stanley