The Top 5 Meditation Centers In Myanmar


Myanmar is a country of different religions, but the largest creed is that of Buddhist. Roughly 90% of the population in Myanmar follow Buddhism. This religion also widely practices meditation, which is a technique that was taught and derived from the Buddhist texts. So many people in the world, whether Buddhist or not, perform meditation as their form of recreation, as well as a combined mind relaxation, physical fitness, and religious activity.

There are several meditation centers found in Myanmar. If you are planning a meditational trip to the country, here are the top 5 meditation centers you can visit:

1. Chanmyay Yeitha – The Chanmyay Yeitha is both a meditation center and a monastery. It is a popular site for both Myanmar locals and foreign meditators. This center is located on Kaba Aye Road in Yangon. Here, sessions for men are separated from the women’s. The center offers clean and simple accommodations. As you begin the meditation session, you are given bed linen and mosquito nets. Apart from that, two healthy meals are also served. The place is quiet and peaceful, perfect for all meditation purposes. You can look forward to having a serene mind, body and spiritual journey in this famous meditation center.

2. Mahasi – This is a meditation center where you can learn about the Vipassana meditation taught by the Buddha Sasana Nuggaha Organization in Myanmar. The Mahasi Meditation center operates with the help of its members’ subscriptions and donations from Buddhists all over Myanmar. Mahasi is a place for retreat especially if you need to rest your mind from life’s chaos and worries. The Mahasi center also offers guided meditations with the help of trained teachers and meditators. This center is located in Sasana Yeiktha Road in Bahan Yangon.

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3. Dhamma Joti – This is another popular meditation center in Myanmar, located at Nga Htat Gyi, Pagoda Road Bahan Township in Yangon. It was built in 1993 with the help of the state monks. The Dhamma Joti center is a place to give your mind its needed peace and serenity. There are different courses of meditation that can be learned from the Dhamma Joti, which is taught by the Buddhist monks themselves.

4. Mogok Vipassana Yeiktha – This meditation center teaches the technique called Mogok Vipassana Circle. You can find this place on Natmauk Road, Bahan Yangon.

5. Saddammaransi – The Saddammaransi Meditation Center is one of the top places for meditating in Myanmar. The center is operated by expert meditation teachers and monks. Here, you can learn about how Buddhists perform a religious activity while also reaching the serenity and calmness of the soul.

If you are into meditation, Myanmar is the best place for you to visit. You will be enlightened with the meditational methods of Buddhism as well as experience being one with your non-physical body.

Source by Pinky Maniri