Review Of Quantum Mind Power


I recently purchased the quantum mind power method by Morry Zelcovitch. It helps the listeners in improving their mind power skills, their concentration and also reduces their stress and anxiety. All you have to do is pop in your head phones, sit back and listen to the whole package. Now, what the package tells you to do is to listen to the audio tracks in it for 60 days, spending about thirty minutes each day on it. Morry Zelcovitch spent 15 years researching the product and creating it. This program uses a binaural beat technology which enhances your brain power. It employs monaural and isochronic tones and creates a mental state which is relaxed nd helps in reprogramming your mind. This is also known as brain wave entertainment.

Quantum Mind Power is a digital product. You get six.mp3 files and a user manual along with free follow up emails. The.mp3 files are as follows

NEURAL SYNERGY: This is the most vital file in the program, according to the user manual you have to listen to it everyday. This track helps to improve your mind power, reorganizing the mind and helping you in handling complicated things. It configures your mind to higher configuration.

EDEN ENERGY WAVES: This track helps you in keeping the negative thoughts at bay and closing in on the positive things in life. If you are facing negative things in life it is recommended that you listen to it everyday. It also helps you in combating the stagnant stages of life.

WHOLE BRAIN GRATITUDE MEDITATION: It is an audible voice track. It helps you in achieving a feeling of gratitude towards your family, friends and your colleagues; it is mixed with a high powered entertainment rhythm. It’s basically a meditation track.

EMOTIVE BRAINWAVE HYPNOSIS: This too is a guided meditation track. It pushes you towards achieving success and happiness, which you might have found to be too elusive. In the words of the User’s Manual, “The hypnosis will help you ‘rewire’ some of your old thinking patterns that aren’t serving you well.” It also re-wires your old thinking patterns. It makes you a happier person and will change your perspective towards the world.

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SUBLIMINAL WEALTH AND PROSPERITY SUPPORT: Having negative and stupid thoughts about wealth and wealthy people, then you need to listen to this track. It keeps all the nagging thoughts of such nature at bay and helps you in rising above them.

SUBLIMINAL HEALTH SUPPORT: This recording stresses the need of health and its benefits in a huge way, above everything else a person has to have a healthy body and mind and this is what is stressed in this recording.

Along with this you get free access to a member’s only forum where you can discuss your problems and get answers to any questions which might arise after you start using this product. You can even get to chat with Morry Zelcovitch himself.

After listening to this program as per the schedule (to be honest, I did not adhere to it strictly), I can safely say that it actually works. I have seen a marked improvement in my self esteem and the general perception of things. I have learnt to unwind and stay stress free from the time I started using it. There has been a marked improvement in my life. I am also able to sleep peacefully and wake up feeling fully charged up. I’m able to employ my grey matter more effectively and as a result my decisions are turning out to be beneficial. I feel happier and my sense of power has increased.

The only thing that put me off was that the cost of the basic system is one hundred and forty seven dollars, and the premium package is one hundred and ninety seven dollars. Also the premium package only has two more programs than the basic package for fifty dollars more.

But, I think this program is worth giving a try as you can always request for a refund if this does not work for you.

Source by Srikanth Nishtala