Combining Guided Imagery With Massage Therapy


Various studies have shown that guided imagery and massage both help to boost our immune system as well as encourage relaxation and elevate our moods. Similar to yet different from meditation techniques, guided imagery is more of an illustrated journey that moves the body and mind to a place of serenity through the use of verbal pictures in a kind of narrative form. It can be either pre-recorded or improvised, and uses the spoken word presented in soothing tones to create a calming visualization. This is especially useful for people who feel stressed out most of the time or who may find it difficult to totally relax on their own.

One of the advantages in using guided imagery is that it can be designed differently for each person. Each massage therapist will have a manner or technique all his or her own, which when combined with imagery customized for each client creates a unique kind of inner voyage.

Putting together this relaxation technique with massage therapy helps reinforce the body, mind and spirit connection in several ways. Using touch, massage brings a physical awareness to the body, while the spoken word can encourage the client’s thoughts to be quiet. Together they may assist in generating a deeper sense of internal spirituality.

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Not every client will be open to guided imagery; some may actually find it more stressful, conflicting with their own efforts of relaxing during a massage. For some people, a quiet massage therapy session with gentle music is more soothing. But for those who find the inclusion of guided imagery a good thing, it can be an effective addition to their approach in maintaining good physical health and mental well-being.

Adding guided imagery to your massage practice can be a valuable tool in helping your clients receive the most therapeutic benefit from their session. Learn five tips for integrating guided imagery into your massage practice.

Source by Nicole Cutler