Grief Counseling – The Top 5 Ways to Eliminate Grief


Firstly my heart goes out to all those who have lost someone dear. Professional grief counseling is not for everyone and there are a number of other ways you can eliminate the painful feelings of grief that you are feeling inside.

There is also the “stigma” associated with grief counseling or counseling of any type. The idea or thought of being counseled by anyone can be too much for some to bear. And this is understandable. We don’t like to feel like we are emotionally “weak” or incapable of dealing with our own pain and loss.

All the techniques described below are hard-hitting. These grief counseling techniques confront the emotional pain of your grief head on, and are designed to give you back the control and power to overcome your own pain and loss. The top 5 grief counseling techniques are:


EFT involves tapping your fingers on meridian energy points on your face and upper body to permanently remove grief, pain and sadness. It works for everyone and it only takes a few session to permanently remove your grief and pain. For best results, seek out an experienced EFT practitioner. P.S. This technique truly works!


This an amazing and very simple technique that can transform any negative emotion, including grief, into love in only 15 minutes. The technique uses 5 basic sounds to express the negative emotion, neutralize it, and then replace it with a feeling of love. See below for a link to five free teaching videos and learn to do this today.

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This form of meditation will help you overcome your inner grief. There is a Vipassana Meditation center in just about every city of the world. You would need to attend a 10 day silent meditation retreat to achieve the benefit of this being used as a grief-counseling self-help technique. With the breathing techniques they teach you, and due to the fact that it is completely silent, meaning you are forced to be “still” and face your inner pain, this grief-counseling self-help technique uncovers deep grief layers – layers you thought you never even had. Not for the faint hearted, but it is the most amazing experience you could ever have. And it is all free, including food and accommodation. They only ask for a donation to pay for the next student and it is up to you what you want to pay.


This is a tried and true method of expressing your deep feelings of grief and pain. And each time you express your feelings by writing about them, your feelings of grief and emotional pain become less and less. It may sound unbelievable that writing about your feelings can make you feel better and reduce your pain, but it does!


Deep grief and emotional pain all resides within the subconscious “feeling” mind. And EXPRESSING your painful emotions of grief is the best way to overcome your pain. When you hold onto your painful emotions, they start to build up and become repressed over time. When you start to express them, you begin to release them, one layer of an onion at a time. But you have to start with the first layer – and don’t be scared! Expressing grief and pain is a very spiritual experience and you are truly at one with God when you are doing this! A trained hypnotherapist who specializes in emotional expression of grief and pain will get you to very deep levels of emotional expression by accessing your subconscious “feeling” mind. You may need to do some ground-work or phoning around to find someone who specializes in this area – but it is definitely worth it.

Source by Glen Russell