Female Detective – Personality Traits of Female Amatuer Slueths


A cozy mystery is not interesting without a powerful and intellectual amateur female detective. Such fictional detective characters are known as sleuths. The amateur sleuth in a cozy mystery typically has no official association with law enforcement agencies; she may appear at crime scenes, but she’s not paid for her services.

There are certain qualities which a female sleuth must possess. These personality traits make her distinctive; they set her apart from the rest of us mere mortals.

Let’s have a look at the incredible qualities of a female detective.


A female detective has to be witty and clever, using her brilliance to carve out minute details which are often ignored. She sorts through all kinds of clues and suspects in a case, using her sharp intellect to consider all possible solutions. She’s adept at questioning suspects, frequently proven to be better than police inquirers and crime personnel. She remembers details, often overlooked or considered insignificant, which lead to solving a case.


Being a detective requires skill in various arenas. Not only must a female sleuth have to overcome the stigma of being a woman, and thus, weaker than her male counterpart; she must appear rational, courageous, daring, independent, and in possession of special skills.

Apart from being a detective, the cozy mystery sleuth typically owns her own business or is employed in a profession which allows her to interact with many people.

In addition to her professional skills, her other roles may include being, a wife, a mother, a daughter, or a sister.

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The Power of Intuition

A sleuth without the power of intuition cannot be completely successful. This quality is especially relevant in light of women’s natural intuition. They are more vigilant in seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching; and their sixth sense is more active than men.

Their critical thinking and intuitive sense helps them understand people better. They are more logical and reasonable, embodying psychological acuity useful in their interrogation of suspects.

Inquisitive and Sneaky

Without meaning to offend, we can’t neglect the inquisitive nature of women. When a female detective feels something is not right, she pursues until her curiosity is satisfied.

A female sleuth possesses the power of questioning. If she does not understand something, she asks what, when, how, why, where, and who, making sure there are no details she has missed.

Justice and Integrity

A female sleuth is typically known for an inborn sense of justice and fairness. She displays a sense of sympathy without letting a culprit make a fool of her. She sides with empathy over vengeance; humiliation over pride.

In spite of these superior skills, the female amateur sleuth is still vulnerable. She has weaknesses, obstacles to overcome, and challenges to face. These may be the qualities more than all the other traits which make her endearing; someone we want to spend time with.

Source by Rayna Morgan